Forgotten Waterford Burial Sites: Morgan Cemetery (Crossroad/Oswegatchie/Cohanzie)

Morgan Cemetery on old Foster Road, behind BJ’s Wholesale Club
Gravestones of Edward (left) and Esther (right) Morgan.

1678 The Morgan Families Arrive in New London

The Morgan families who live in Waterford and Groton today are mostly descendants of one of two Morgan families (probably cousins) who emigrated from Wales to Massachusetts in 1640. After a few years they both moved to the new settlement of New London. Once here, James chose to settle across the Thames river in what was later to become the city and town of Groton, and Richard stayed on the west side of the river and bought land to farm in New London in what later became Waterford.

Town of Waterford. (Petersen Collection) (1850) <>
Burial site of Captain Edward & Esther Morgan, old Foster Road, Waterford, CT.
The Gilead Chapel, built in 1876 in the town of Waterford, was deconstructed and moved to Moodus in 1969 by Raymond and Carole Schmitt, as they constructed a sybolic community to be known as Historic Johnsonville Village <>
Gravestones of Edward & Esther Morgan, old Foster road, Waterford, CT.


[1] Debra Walters, a member of the Waterford Historic Properties Commission