Forgotten Waterford Burial Sites: Burial Grounds around Lake Konomoc (Lakes Pond area)

Lakes Pond Cemetery along Rt. 85, Hartford Turnpike, in Waterford, CT. (See current map of Waterford cemeteries:
Lakes Pond Burial Ground on Hartford Road (Rt 85)

Lakes Pond Baptist Church and Cemetery

Lakes Pond Baptist Church
Entry from the “Register of names on headstones in Gorton, Durfey Hill, Williams and Church, Old Church, and Lakes Pond Baptist cemeteries” (1976), available at the Waterford Public Library. ($002f$002fSD_ILS$002f0$002fSD_ILS:16836/one?qu=Register+of+names+on+headstones&te=ILS)

Caulkins Burial Ground next to Church

Possible location of the graves of William N.M. Caulkins and his three infant children.

Lakes Pond Cemetery

The temperance movement in the United States became a national crusade in the early nineteenth century with supporters of the movement objecting to alcohol’s destructive effects on individuals and communities. Supporters believed that the consumption of alcohol was responsible for personal and societal problems, including physical violence and unemployment. Connecticut was home to many temperance groups, many of them led by Protestant and Catholic church leaders.
Handwritten copy of Temperance Petition
War of 1812 Veteran, Elisha Douglas, served in Captain Crocker’s Company in the War of 1812
Graves in Lakes Pond Cemetery, on Rt. 85 Hartford Turnpike, Waterford, CT

Konomoc Hill and Lazy C-Y Ranch

Google Earth photo of Lake Konomoc and Konomoc Hill

Lake Konomoc

Section of Town of Waterford Map, 1942, by O.F. Foster

North Slope Konomoc Hill

Lake Pond Brook Burial Site

Google Earth photo of Lake Konomoc and surrounding area