Because of plant growth and the dumping of waste here the Fieldstones on this map are not in their actual location. They are here to indicate that they do exist. They are the Taber Slaves. Within the granite columns are the Beckwiths, but only one stone laying on the ground is visible. (Richard Sargent)

Founders of the Beckwith Family in New London

Matthew Beckwith (1610–1681):

Beckwith’s Son’s Encounter with John Rogers

Beckwith Sons: Shipyards

Revolutionary War: Beckwith Betrayer

“Tory House” on Pattagansett Road in East Lyme. Rented to Elisha Beckwith, who was in frequent contact with the British during the Revolutionary War.

The War of 1812

Beckwith Family Business 1850–1871




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